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Evermore Port Business Co., Ltd.; Business Registration Approved by MOEA:

MOTC fully opened permit for loading/unloading of international cargoes (container, bulk, oil, general cargo, etc.) in 1997, ending the exclusive rights to run stevedoring of international ports by the original Taiwan Province Transportation Department. Evermore Port Business Co., Ltd. invited elite members of Keelung Harbor Stevedoring Association, Keelung International Shipping Companies/Agencies and Storehouse Managers to unite into a joint venture.


Attained MOTC (Port of Keelung TIPC) permit for loading/unloading vessel cargoes in Keelung Port (container ship, general cargo ship).


Started privatization of stevedoring of international vessels in Keelung Port (Container, general bulk cargo/double permit).


The very first to be certified by ISO9002 (1994) International Quality System (UKAS) for vessel cargo loading/unloading; Certificate renewed before expiry.

Quality Policy: Exquisite Service, Safety and Efficiency, Enhanced Learning


Permit by Keelung Customs MOF, for undertaking Storehouse operation of import/export/transfer cargoes under custody of Keelung Customs; Evermore Group increased harbor warehousing items, providing international ocean freight businesses in Keelung Port.


Subsidiary Company of Evermore Group – Evermore International Logistics Co., Ltd., Registration approved by MOTC.


Maritime and Port Bureau, MOTC permit for business items in Keelung Port FTZ:
Permit Items:Cargo Transshipment Agency, International trading, Warehousing and Logistic, Sea/Air Freight Forwarding, Manufacture/ Process/ Assembly/ Reformation, Consultation on FTZ income tax exemption, etc. for domestic and overseas profit seeking enterprises.

Permit of Keelung Customs Ministry of Finance for Storehouse operation in FTZ.


MOTC permit for automobile transportation.


Permit of Keelung Customs for undertaking Storehouse operation of import/export/transfer cargoes under custody of Keelung Customs in FTZ of Keelung Harbor.


Permit by Port of Keelung TIPC MOTC for undertaking cargo loading/unloading in Taipei Port (bulk and general cargo ships).


MOTC permit for air freight cargo forwarding.

MOTC permit for ocean freight cargo forwarding.


Keelung Customs permit for customs clearance in express cargo zone of ocean freight (Taipei Port)


ISO 9001:2015/CNS 12681 Standard Edition – International Quality System (UKAS) Certificate for Vessel Cargo Loading/Unloading Operation

Type of vessels: Full Container Ship, Ro/Ro Ship, Oil Ship, Mineral Ore Bulk Ship, General Bulk Cargo Ship, Oversize/ Heavy Special Cargo Ship, Tourist Ship.

Relevant Business Items

Free Trade Zone (FTZ) :
  1. Agency for cargo receive/deliver and storage, transshipment, outsourced process, integral logistic, etc. in international harbor.
  2. Express, post, personal parcel at Taipei Port; Customs Clearance of express warehouse in Taoyuan Airport; International and Cross-Strait Post Transfer, Warehousing, Customs Declaration, Customs Clearance, Domestic Logistics.
  3. Cross-strait overseas warehousing, tallying, air/ ocean shipping, customs clearance, logistic, etc.
Ship, Container, Object:
  1. Handling, container loading, fixation, tallying of oversize cargo.
  2. Supply of articles for ships for large tourist vessels; Auxiliary labor service for security check, passenger luggage X-ray Scanning Machine, etc.
  3. In addition to business items permitted by the administrative authority, any international commercial transaction not forbidden or limited is also allowed.

Government Permit and ISO Certification